Oliviero Arzuffi


21/11/2015, ore 14:30

Saturday  21st of November 2015
Casa LaSalle, Rome

Workshop – Series I:   14.30 - 16.00h

Sexuality and Family: Results of the Synode, Gender,
LGBT, Person, impact of cultures and religions

In this workshop, four worldwide testimonies will present their experiences on Family and
Sexuality. Germaine Lipeb (from Raja Afrique and Cameroon background) will present the top 5
challenges on women and  families  in  the  African  cultural  context.  Rachael  Alphonso  (from 
India-Asia),  member  of  feminist collective in Mumbai called “Satyashodak” will present the
current status of the family in India with special reference  to  women  and  the  girl  child. 
Barbara  Kapturkiewicz,   Artur,  (from  Poland-Eastern  Europe), member of “Faith and Rainbow”
(LGBTQ Christians group, their families and friends) will talk about his experience as transgender
homosexual man (Artur) who came out of the closet in private and public life; Oliviero Arzuffi
(from Bergamo-Italy) author of book “Dear Pope Francis: Letter from a divorced”, written in the
form of an open letter will face with the problem of separated and divorced persons in Catholic
Church. Debate will include opinions of the results of the Synode and Gender, LGBT,  Person, impact
of cultures and religions issues.

Organization: Enric Vilà
Facilitators: Enric Vilà & Elisabeth Saint-Guily
1. Germaine Lipeb: Woman activist from Cameroon in Raja Afrique (Paris-France)
2. Rachael Alphonso:  Feminist from Satyashodak and environment activist (from Green Madcaps)
(Mumbai- India)
3. Barbara Kapturkiewicz, Artur: Transgender,  married and activist in Faith and Rainbow
4. Oliviero Arzuffi:  A divorced man in Church (Bergamo-Italy).

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